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Our service is reliable! We see ourselves as your contact for all questions related to purchasing a land in Nova Scotia. From travel planning and booking to organizing your house construction, with individual tax and legal advice - we are, together with our network of qualified partners on site, available with advice and practical help.

Travel Planning & Land visit

You can rely on us ranging from travel planning to land visit. Halifax is easily and quickly reached by plane from Germany. But even with questions about accommodation or car rental we are pleased to help you with the necessary information. Of course, we offer a site visit. Together with local experts, we can help you in achieving your dream. We are also glad to take on the full travel booking according to your wishes.

House construction in Canada

On the basic plots offered by us there are still no houses. In this way you can decide individually whether and at what time your property is to be built - or maybe not. The plots are suitable for building houses and have the necessary permits for the construction of a sewage system and to build a well for water supply. Would you like to build on your plot, also at a later date? From simple log cabin to exclusive vacation or retirement home: we can recommend you well-established and experienced home builders on site and make contact for any request. Ask us.

Tax and legal advice

Besides the land purchase additional legal and tax issues might arise. If you have questions about Canadian law, the Canadian taxation or to a company in Canada, please contact us together with our Canadian partners to any concerns at any time.


Canada is a very attractive country of immigration. Immigrants from different parts of the world come to Nova Scotia to live there permanently. Although Canada is one of the traditional immigration countries, there are many points to consider. If you are considering immigrating to Canada, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help.

  • Property Visit

    We plan your trip and site visit

  • Land Purchase

    Buy your property through SOLIT Canada

  • House construction in Nova Scotia

    We provide you with advice on home construction

  • Immigration to Canada

    We will assist you in the immigration process.


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