SOLIT Wertelager Canada

SOLIT Wertelager Canada offers you a safe and bank-independent solution for the purchase and storage of your solid precious metals while benefitting from the advantages of Canadian financial regulations.

We are living in a time of constant change, in which values are declining and nothing seems permanent. At present, it seems, the only certainty we have, is that everything is uncertain!

At the moment, investors receive barely any interest on their bank savings, government bonds are less secure and bring lower yields than ever and inflation rates gradually devour all monetary value. Life insurances and pension funds that were once considered safe, can no longer generate the yields they promised, guaranteed interest rates are close to zero and the risks of many investment products outweigh the opportunities by far.

The time has come for an innovative investment solution with a high level of security and tax-exemption that preserves your assets in the future.

Contrary to the current non-backed paper currencies, gold and other precious metals are the ideal physical assets to preserve the real value of your property.

Today, the focus no longer lies on high yields, but on the maximum protection of your assets. SOLIT Wertelager Canada is our premium investment concept in terms of
security, transparency and flexibility!

The highlights at a glance

The highlights at a glance