About SOLIT Canada

SOLIT Management Canada Ltd. is part of the long-established SOLIT Group, headquartered in Tägerwilen (Switzerland) and Wiesbaden (Germany), whose main focus is on conception of contemporary, customer-oriented investment concepts for tangible assets.

For years, the company has been analyzing the international capital markets, specifically in terms of investment opportunities that are suitable for the genuine wealth preservation and focus on real value-based investments as a protection against inflation.

Since 2008 SOLIT has been offering its customers various acquisition and storage solutions in the field of physical precious metals. To date, a total investment in the 3-digit-million Euro range have been made through SOLIT. The company is based in Tägerwilen, Switzerland, and Wiesbaden, Germany.

Several years ago, the company identified the Nova Scotia investment region as particularly promising with regard to geopolitical diversification of assets and examined it in more detail. Over time, this has developed into a valuable and efficient network with excellent access to attractive properties in the area.

Today, SOLIT Canada operates successfully as a specialist for everything to do with the development and sale of attractive land in Nova Scotia, with particular focus on the island of Cape Breton. In this context, the company develops and sells a variety of plots for its customers. Particular emphasis is placed on a high level of attractiveness as properties for the construction of holiday or retirement homes (high “recreational value”), e.g. due to their location close to waterways (oceanfront or lakefront) and their great access to the local infrastructure.

SOLIT Canada, like all companies in the SOLIT group, is financed exclusively with equity and is owner-managed. All properties on offer belong to the company and were developed by SOLIT.

In addition, SOLIT Canada offers the purchase and bank-independent storage of physical precious metals in Halifax, Canada.

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We would be delighted to meet you in person! It would be our pleasure to show you our properties on site and answer your questions regarding an acquisition. Please make an appointment to visit us and view our properties in Nova Scotia soon.

Would you like to combine your site visit with a holiday in Nova Scotia? We would be happy to organize your trip and take care of the booking. We take care of all the details regaring air travel, car rentals and on-site accommodation based on your preferences—and look forward to welcoming you!

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