About SOLIT Canada

The SOLIT Management Canada Ltd. is part of the long-established SOLIT Group, headquartered in Wiesbaden, whose activity focuses on contemporary designing and on the demand needs of the customer-oriented investment concepts.

For years the company analyzes the international capital markets, specifically in terms of investment opportunities that are suitable for the real wealth preservation and permit on the basis of real value-based investments to protect against inflation.

Since 2008 SOLIT offers its customers various acquisition and storage solutions in the field of physical bullion. To date, a total investment of 130 million Euros was realized by more than 6,000 customers. In addition to the company headquarters in Wiesbaden, the company has offices in Hamburg and in Zurich.

Several years ago, the company identified the investment region Nova Scotia as related to a geopolitical diversification of assets particularly promising and examined it in detail. This has become over time a valuable and efficient network site developed with excellent access to attractive country areas.

SOLIT Canada now acts successfully as an asset manager for a German investment fund in the real estate market in Nova Scotia with focus on Cape Breton Island.

In addition, the company develops and sells a variety of plots for their customers. Here, special emphasis is on a high level of attractiveness as a holiday or retirement home set (high "Recreational Value"), e.g. by location close to waters (Atlantic, Lakeshore) and good infrastructure connections.

SOLIT Canada, like all companies in the SOLIT group, is financed exclusively with equity and is owner-managed. All provided land belongs to the company and has been developed through it.

Robert Vitye:

Robert Vitye was born in 1979, is married and has two children. He studied Business Administration at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. For over ten years he has been successful as an entrepreneur. He has much experience in designing and sales management of investment solutions in the field of physical bullion. Robert Vitye is the Managing Director of SOLIT Canada. He focuses on the planning and realization of property development at the Nova Scotia location for private and institutional investors.

Dr. Hans-Christian Sünkler:

Christian Sünkler, born in 1974, married, studied law at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Since 2005, he has admitted to the Bar. Before becoming a Partner in the SOLIT Canada he worked for many years for various issuing houses as a lawyer and concept developer. His practice focuses on corporate and contract law as well as on the planning and implementation of property development at the site of Nova Scotia.

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